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Coronavirus Support Series

Jun 21, 2020

Dr. Armine comes on the series to discuss the factors that make us more susceptible to Covid-19, and the measure we can take to protect our family and ourselves.


Dr. Armine’s passion is putting together the Health Care Puzzle. He specializes in diagnosing and treating complex, multifactorial illnesses with a concentration in neuropsychiatric expressions/autism and chronic illnesses. Dr. Armine is one of the few health care practitioners worldwide specializing in correlating the Genetic data with Neuro-Endo-Immunology, Acquired Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Cell Wall Integrity to identify hidden imbalances. He develops INDIVIDUALIZED treatment plans specific to the history and physiology of the individual patient. Dr. Armine lectures practitioners in USA, UK, and Australia as well as treating patients worldwide. He constantly researches about the latest findings in genetics and functional medicine.

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