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Coronavirus Support Series

Apr 24, 2020

Dr. Jacqueline Gutierrez joins us to provide some tips on how to grow microgreens, explains why they're a great food source during this pandemic, and reveals the tool she uses in her practice to help people balance their emotions.


Dr. Jacqueline, owner, is a board certified doctor of natural medicine, certified health educator from Hippocrates Health Institute & certified personal trainer.

Her father passed away from esophageal cancer that spread to his lungs and bones when she was 9 years. This led her to want to seek how to live life to the fullest. In her twenties, after completing her Bachelors in Business Administration and working in the Las Vegas night life for a few years, she got rid of high paying job and much of her belongings to travel around the world for a year to discover her purpose, which is to help others get to root causes of their health issues so live the life they dream.

She hosts The Wellness Trinity podcast where she interviews top holistic experts to provide solutions to our modern-day health challenges. She consults clients from around the world doing functional medicine testing. Her main program, Cerebral Detox, focuses on customizing detoxes plans and addressing all foundations of health, which in turn helps one to have more balanced emotions, increased energy and stronger brain power!

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