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Coronavirus Support Series

Jun 21, 2020

EJ Lashlee joins the series to discuss what is happening to the economy and the best ways to prepare yourself for another possible economic decline.

E. J. Lashlee is a Professional Trustee serving clients since 1973. He has owned and managed many businesses that include environmental products, energy, business development, motor vehicles, software, electronics, plastics, patents, Real Estate, and as a Professional Trustee manages 2.6 billion dollars in assets. He works with small business ventures, investors, individuals, and families, to assist with privacy, protection, and estate planning. Lashlee has written four books. The Protection Book, The Privacy Book, True Trust Book, and Real Rules for Real Estate.

He orchestrated the first Savings & Loan investigation and conviction, and promoted interstate banking law enticing Citibank into Nevada to assist defrauded bank investors with recovery.

He has participated with TIMOTCA, UNICEF, The United Nations, Asian Nations Group, and the Congress of the Philippines. In 1995 he created Key Kid Foundation, a free surgery foundation for poor children in undeveloped nations. He created a charitable organization in 1997 to install electricity, free computers, software, and training in poor school districts in rural Asia.

He has strong ties to his children, wife, friends, and long-term business associates. He values their relationships, their success, and their happiness.

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