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Coronavirus Support Series

May 22, 2020

Dr. Ray Gin joins the series to distill some of his amazing tips on reducing symptoms of stress, and some great techniques you can do to boost your immune system.


Dr. Ray Gin specializes in chronic, complex illness focusing on autoimmune and autoimmune related cases. Prior to seeing patients he was a noted research molecular biologist. He gave up life in a lab to then graduate from Southern California University of Health Sciences as a chiropractic doctor and is trained in many different healing approaches including functional medicine.

In addition, to helping people with diet, lifestyle, detoxification, and environmental factors, Dr. Gin addresses one of key factors in underlying chronic health issues which is the emotional stress component. In his 22 years of practice he’s seen many patients with food sensitivities that can improve or resolve them by addressing the hidden emotional stress trauma associated with a food(s).

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