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Coronavirus Support Series

Jun 11, 2020

Mary Ayers joins the series to give us a great overview of EFT tapping, how you can do it at home, and why it is a great strategy for relieving stress during the pandemic.


Mary Ayers PhD., is internationally recognized as an EFT/Tapping Practitioner, author and speaker who specializes in helping professional woman replace their fear and anxiety with self confidence For more than 30 years, Mary has worked with thousands of clients guiding them to identify core issues and release old pattern of anxiety that can get in the way of a thriving career and then teaches them how to install the inner resources that lead to happiness, contentment, and success.

Mary's professional background includes over three decades as a licensed psychotherapist, as well as coaching with the Anthony Robbins Organization for five years. She is the creator of The Tapping Solution For Anxiety Relief and is a featured presenter at annual Tapping World Summit.

You can learn more about Mary at