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Coronavirus Support Series

Mar 25, 2020

Susan Leahy joins us to provide some much needed tips on the best ways to keep yourself uplifted during the pandemic, why companies will be forced to finally find work-from-home options, how to deal with social distancing, and how to talk to your kids about the pandemic.


Susan Leahy MA CSP is a joyous creator, certified speaking professional, personal/relationship coach and a loving, powerful committed woman.

She is the co-founder of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions a global training & consulting organization that supports clients to build a “Culture of TEAM” by re-motivating and empowering the individual to generate team.

Susan understands that great teams run great meetings and so she is the woman behind America’s #1 Robert’s Rules of Order online training site, Robert’s Rules Made Simple, Susan’s Robert’s Rules training and online products have been used by thousands of boards across the US & Canada to run more effective meetings.

Susan’s passion projects are her Happy Married Chicks Podcast and her Confident Woman Program. Susan is an advocate for helping woman to own their joy, happiness and power in all of life’s situations. #StrongerWomenBetterWorld!

Susan is currently joyously creating her life as she lives full time in Playa Del Carmen Mexico with her best friend and hubby along with their 2 master teachers (AKA children).

To learn more about Susan Leahy MA CSP speaking services and products visit her at:


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