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Coronavirus Support Series

Apr 30, 2020

Truth comes on the show to explain Taoist stress reducing techniques including passivity, that can help reduce the fear of dying and create emotionally strength.


Truth Calkins was raised healthy by alternative parents, but ten years later, after leaving his healthy upbringing behind, developed severe candidiasis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Not satisfied with alopathic treatments, Truth dove deeply back into alternative health.

His strong desire to regain his health resulted in the creation of his program, that changed his life. Truth was then asked to work in the public, as a Chinese Tonic Herbalist by Ron Teeguarden. Truth later opened and ran the Tonic Bar inside of Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles, where he was discovered by David Wolfe, which resulted in Truth doing podcasts, tonic bars, and lectures for the Longevity Now Conferences.

Truth has also worked with healers in Brazil, and in clinics using diet, detoxification, nutrition, Chinese tonic herbs, health technologies, exercise, and meditation, as his main modalities. Truth specializes in overcoming health challenges, rejuvenation, peak performance, and longevity. Truth does privates consultations, and one-on-one programs at his JingCave, and is writing a book to be released on his coming website.


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