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Coronavirus Support Series

Apr 29, 2020

In this interview with Dr. Mark T. Wade, you will be empowered with tips on finding your unique expert position in the marketplace, the best fast-tracked strategy to building an engaged audience, as well as learn why you need to focus on being "proud," not "perfect."

Dr. Mark T Wade is the founder of Viral Summits and the visionary behind the evolution of summits. He has hosted more than 15 of his own successful summits,over the past 6 years, having created several 6, 7, & Multi-Seven figure companies using virtual summits. He is the creator of the revolutionary Summit Story Arc and has consulted with some of today's top entrepreneurs on their summits. He's the host of the top rated Virtual Summit Podcast, inventor of the One-Day Summit, creator of the Virtual Summit Software and host of Summit Fest Live. When it comes to creating a summit that matters, Dr. Mark is a considered the foremost expert on all things summit related. Learn more at